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The Best Decorative Concrete Imaging Program to show clients your design ideas for their project. LIVE DEMO!

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Decorative Concrete installation and design is a very competitive business, any edge you can get over your competitors is a good thing.

Our Online Decorative Concrete Overlay Estimator that is totally customizable.

Whether you're technology-savvy or not, Decorative Concrete Imaging Software is easy to use.

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Announcing a new version for Deco-Con 3.2 Released January 2017!

You simply take a digital photo of your customer's area to be re-surfaced, open it in the Deco-Con software, and within seconds, you are able to sit down with your customer and overlay up to 30,000 plus different stamped concrete, stenciled concrete, colors, and patterns on the photo. We just added 47 new reflective flooring colors, along with stone veneer and exposed aggregates. It's amazingly realistic and it gives your customer confidence in choosing the options they know they'll like. And perhaps more importantly, it gives the customer confidence in you, their potential contractor.
There are also training movies included in the program that walk you through every step, So learning is faster and easier, and no manuals to read.

Decorative Concrete Programs consist of both Design and Estimating

  • Decorative Concrete Design Software "Deco-Con" allows you to take a picture of the client’s home or office and present a photograph as if the decorative concrete has been installed. This is your Wow tool, your selling tool, the tool that allows clients to see it. And if they can see it, they want it. The tool that makes it easy to close the sale!

  • The Decorative Concrete Estimating Program does the number-crunching for you, calculate materials and the cost for your decorative concrete overlay in seconds. This is your work tool, without it you could be under estimating and ordering too much or not enough product. This is the tool that keeps you in the black, eliminates waste, customers don't have to wait days for an estimate either, it truly speeds the process, from hours to seconds. Learn more

Bundle the Decorative Concrete Imaging Program and The Estimating Software Save $100.

Kevin Percy
Percy Concrete & Design, Inc.

Kevin Percy is a current member of the ASCC and sits on the board of directors of the Decorative Concrete Council, Listen to what Kevin Percy states about Decorative Concrete Software Programs.

Martin Meewis
Colors on Concrete

"We use a digital photo of your project along with Decorative Concrete Design Software to show how your project can look before it's completed."
Martin Meewis tells us how the programs improved his jobs.

Decorative Concrete
Network Journalist

"Decorative Concrete Software was featured on Concrete Network! Want to close a decorative concrete deal faster? Learn about the two computer programs designed specifically for the Decorative Concrete Industry."

Rosie from
Port Charlotte Fl.

"Rosie's husband was upset she spent the money for a design program. Using it for the first time and closing the job her husband apologized greatly. Rosie feels Decorative Concrete Software puts her above any other companies.

Read and watch how customer feel about us! More Testimonials Here!

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